Hi. I'm Abdu Zoghbi.

I am a Research Fellow at the University of Michigan. I am interested in many topics related active black holes in the universe. I use X-ray spectroscopy and Relativistic Reverberation to study the envirenments just light seconds from the event horizon in supermassive black holes that are tens of millions of light years away.

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Here's some of the cool astrophysics I do.

Summaries of some of my research articles are presented below

Relativistic Reverberation

Relativistic Reverberation

By measuring a the time delay between continuum X-ray radiation and the their reflection just outside the black hole's event horizon, we start to map out the details of the extremely curved space-time, and understand how energy is produced in these extreme environments.

Black hole spin measurement

Black Hole Spin measurement

The strength of relativistic effects imprinted in the iron emission line depend on how close the emitting region is to the black hole. By measuring how strong the distortions are, we can measure how fast a black hole is rotating or spin. Fast rotations means strong relativistic distortions to the emitted photons.

Accretion winds and outflow

Accretion Winds and Outflows

The accretion process that feeds black holes produces strong winds that push gas away from the center intro the galaxy at large. The winds can disrupt stars and their formations. By studying absorption of light by the winds, we learn how such a process takes place.

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