League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Collection


I have been collecting figures from a variety of companies to create a very large League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Victorian Horror game as on involving characters from history and fiction.  The figures are based for Hordes of the Thing.   These rules allow the creation of "armies" of 24points.  Each troop type has a point value from 6-1.  Figures are based on 60mm wide stands of varying depth.  In these pictures the bases are not flocked but I have since done so with static grass to match my terrain squares. I created 5 armies representing various factions of good and evil from the late 19th century.  The League characters are spread out in the various groups as an "army" can only have a limited number of heroic types. I am missing a picture of Nemo, but the rest are there


This is London underworld group.  Led by Moriarity and his henchman with an air gun.  Behind him are two "blades" -- Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd.  On the left is a seemingly innocent street urchin but a dangerous lurker.  Back right are the Eureka Clown Bobbies and thugs.  The rest are warbands of street and wharves toughs.


The good people of London, led by Inspector LaStrade as a Shooter.  Behind is Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and Mrs. Hudson as a Paladin.  Next to them is a Beast represented by a gentleman walking two bull dogs.  To his left is a Horde of Baker Street irregulars.  Behind them are two more hordes of citizens.  Behind Holmes is a group of Temperance ladies with axes (Blades). More Blades behind them -- gentlemen with sword canes.  Center back are some bobbies as both Shooters and Spears.


A group of visitors to London.  Center is the Wizard of Menlo Park, next to him is some Artillery in the form of Annie Oakley.  Behind her is Alan Quartermain, with John Goode and Umbopa.  Center back are a couple of western Knights -- the Erps.  Back left is pretty obvious, for this game an Aerial Hero.


The evil scientist --- Wizard -- Dr. Frankenstein and Igor on the left, center is the Behemoth, his monster.  Right is a horde of escaped asylum inmates.  Behind them various Minions from London Warroom as shooters and electro cannon Artillery.  Middle are two stands of Gypsies hordes.  In the back a Beast Cobra and Wolf and some Flyer bats.


Close up of the inmates.  A teddy bear as deadly weapon.


Another of the evil armies.  In the back, Dracula as an Aerial Hero.  A giant bat as Airboat.  In the front some Beasts -werewolves,  wolves and spider (or lurker).  A giant were-creature Behemoth.  Four groups of Cossack body guards, 2 Shooters and 2 Hordes.


Close-up of body guards


Vampire Hunters and villagers.  On left, two farmer Blades with tools, behind two Shooter gamekeepers, a Horde and a Di Vinci Flyer.  On right, a Wolverine Beast ( I originally wanted him as a Behemoth but people would just not believe it), then various Cleric and Heroes with VanHelsing  and friends - Mina, Harker, Seward, Holmwood, Morris, etc.

The vicious vampire killer in the back right was not such originally.