The  Second Easter Incident - April, 1918


(Known to all players)

The large scale uprising in Dublin and in other parts of the country during Easter Week, 1916 is quite well known.  That was a rebellion involving thousands of Irish nationalists and British troops.  There is a much smaller incident that occurred two years later which is little known.  This was an attack by two companies of  the IRA on a British convoy, in the south of the country. 


There were two Rifle companies of the Royal Essex Regiment (12 men each), a heavy machine gun section, and 10 members of the G-Branch of the DMP (the notorious "G-Men).  The latter are pistol armed.  The IRA contingent consisted of two companies.  One was a flying column armed with rifles, while the second was a local group armed with pistols and shotguns.


Rules are Contemptible Little Armies.  For this game, pistols will function in all ways as rifles but with a 9inch range.  A second modification will be used such that figures can shoot if they have moved by rolling a D6 and scoring a 4-5-6.   Those obtaining that score, will then shoot as normal with an additional -1 for shooting while moving.  A 6 will always be a hit, no matter how many negative modifiers are applied. 


The game will be a meeting engagement scenario.  Both sides move toward an objective and may stop and shoot , or as modified, move and shoot at any time.   This is unlike our usual attack/defend games where the attacker could not shoot until reaching the objective. 


(comments to reader -- this was a three sided game.  Two players on each side.  Each side did not know the other's objective.  The Brits and IRA pretty much knew what they were after, but neither understood the objective of the Germans, until the end.)


Special notes for only British Player

You are commanding a column of British soldiers and Irish Secret Police escorting a prisoner, an important leader of the IRA, to a ship bound for England.  You have the following troops at your disposal

A Company, Royal Essex Regiment, 12 men, Tactical 4 Morale 4  Rifles

B Company, Royal Essex Regiment, 12 men, Tactical 4 Morale 4  Rifles

Heavy Machine Gun Section, RER, Tactical 5 Morale 5

Detachment of G-Branch, DMP, 10 men,  Tactical 5, no Morale, Marksmen, Pistols

They do not check morale, they are not a unit as such, but all move at the same time

Armoured Car with heavy machine gun

Trucks carrying the troops. 


The prisoner is in your custody as long as at least one of your men is in contact with him and no other is.  He is not to be killed


You must get the prisoner to the town to catch the ship.  Be on the look out for trouble from local IRA units.


Special Notes for only Irish Player

You are leading a battalion of the IRA, charged with the rescue of Michael Collins from British custody.  He is the last IRA commander not in jail in England and the future of the rebellion depends on your freeing him.  Your troops are

Local IRA Company, 12 men Tactical 3 Morale 4, pistols and shotguns

Limerick Flying Column, stubborn, 12 men, Tactical 5 Morale 4,  rifles, Bergman, BAR


Also coming to your aid are some German troops, landing from Submarine U-20.  The IRA German contact has convinced Imperial High Command that these troops should be sent.  You do not know their make up or arrival.  One of your men is bringing them to the ambush.  You rescue Collins if one of your men contacts him and he is not in contact with any non-IRA figures.  You can give him a pistol.  One of your men should lead him to safety.   Be careful that the Germans do not take him away.


Special Notes for only German Player

Imperial High Command has learned from sources in the IRA  that the Prince of Wales is making an inspection of Ireland.  Kidnapping him might give a useful chip in the soon necessary bargaining for a truce on the western front.  You are to capture the Prince, with the aid of some Irish locals and get him to Luft 238, a Zeppelin waiting a few miles from the ambush point.  Your troops have come to the coast in submarine U-20 and consist of

Naval Landing Party section, 12 men, Tactical 3 Morale 3 rifles

Special Section Naval Sturmabtilung (storm troopers) ferocious, 12 men  Tactical 5 Morale 5  rifles, Bergman MP, light machine gun

Irish scout, sniper, under your command unless Irish player asks for him.


Luft 238 Detachment, 10 men Tactical 3 Morale 4   rifles


You capture the Prince if one of your men contacts him and he is not in contact with any non-German figures.  He must be taken alive.  Do not let the Irish locals take him for their purposes. 


Some pictures from the game. German sailors and landing party in background. Click on pics and link for bigger versions.


Overview of the situation when the roadblock stopped the British convoy.  Flying Column moves to attack. 

(Click on picture for bigger version)


British troops engage Flying Column in melee.



Close up of locals, shooting up G-men van.


Close up of G-men, out of  van


The Irish and German naval landing party eliminated most of the British guards.  The Flying Column suffered many casualties and were also eliminated.  The Local Company were about to take Collins to safety when the Zeppelin troops arrived and demanded him, calling him a prince.  After some milling, the Germans pulled back.