Figures for Irish War of Independence and "British Civil War"


On another page I show pictures of the Musketeer Irish War of Independence figures compared to the figures made by Perry brothers for their Boer War diorama.



The Perry figures are excellent for conversions.  Many are open handed, with rifles supplied, and the ones with weapons are well posed for modifications.  Here is a picture of a number of conversions I did.  Some with pistols and rifles added; others with light machine guns and spare ammo.  Also some with tools and lunch buckets, and boxes.  The top left two represent two versions of the same figure -- one armed with a Bergman MP18 and one unarmed carrying the MP in a guitar case.  This range provides an excellent basis for armed and unarmed civilians for the first half of the 20th century.




Recently I wondered about how the Black Tree Boer figures would fit with the Perry and Musketeer ranges.  The Black Tree figures are the same height, but chunkier, and some with big Boer beards, and all encumbered with belts and equipment.  The Martini-Henry rifles are ok as there were some in the IRA arsenal and might be available as late as 1938.  I would include a few of these Black Tree figures in units of Irish units, and in militia for the British Civil War. 


Below are three pictures of these, alongside both a Perry Boer War civilian and new Musketeer Great War British, and British Fascist figures, for the British Civil War, 1938. First, 6 figures shown flat.  Top row, Perry, Black Tree, Musketeer Great war.  Bottom row, British Fascist with Black tree on either side.  Then pictures of 3 standing.




Perry (box added), Black Tree, Musketeer



Perry (spanner added), Musketeer, Black Tree