New Irish War of Independence Figures


I recently bought some figures from Musketeer Miniatures' IWI range.

In an issue of Wargames Illustrated, last year, there was an article about the Perry Brothers building a diorama of Mafeking.  There was mention that the brothers had converted and made up many figures for the diorama.  Moreover, some of these figures were available for sale.  They looked like they would go well in Ireland, if not any early 19th century civilian situation.  So I ordered some.

The Musketeer and Perry figures go well together.  Some of the Perry figures are unarmed so will make nice civilians (potential rebels).  Here are pictures of both ranges.

A group with some of each


1,3,5,6,8 are Perry


Here is a pair of close ups.  Right is Musketeer.




The Musketeer Miniatures have some nice options for conversion

Here is a commandant to which I added a Cannon Fodder broomhandle Mauser, and a Black and Tan who has a pump shotgun added


Another Tan with a BAR.  I do not know if they actually had these, but there is a scene in Michael Collins movie with a Tan carrying one.


The Tans have a Victory Force left hand added and then a Cannon Fodder weapon.