My 40th anniversary "Column, Line., and Square game at Historicon, 2007


My game to celebrate my 40th anniversary in the hobby went very well.  In 1967 I, I met Bob Cory

 in a hobby shop in Chicago.  He was telling people there about a big Napoleonic wargame his

group had done.  He had pictures.  All my life I had been playing with toy soldiers but had never seen anything like this.

 He invited me to his house to see his figures and to learn how to play.  I got a copy of the rules

but left Chicago area for Boston a couple of months later.  So, I never got into a real game until I met

Dick Bryant in the fall of 1968.  I taught him to play and the rest is history :)



At Historicon, I was put into the Showroom but on a table that had some light over it so that

was ok. Still a pain, literally, carrying 15 boxes of figures and wooden table tops up those stairs.


We had 12 players, 6 per side. 8 have played much, 2 a little, and 2

not at all. Dick Bryant commanded the Allies and Richard Borg took

the French. Rich also was introduced to CLS by Bob Cory, abut 2 years me.  Each commander

 has played CLS for some 39 years. Richard starting as a college freshman, Dick as a 34 year old.



I told the story of how I started playing and then served cake.


Here is the Troop Roster for both sides.


The game was on a 6 foot by 12 foot plain green table like a ping pong

table. Limited terrain. Most from 35-40 years ago. The figures are

90% MiniFig with a few Scruby, Warrior and Hinchliffe mixed in. I

like the toy soldier quality of the MiniFig. Half were from the

1970's and the rest from eBay in the past few years. I have about

half again as many and hope to get them all on the table at home

(maybe two tables like Fred did).

French start



This is one Brigade, of 4, deployed on the table.


Allied set on


CLS gamers cannot keep impedimenta off the table :)

Bottom, the allied left, is Austrian, middle, Prussian, top is Russia.


Close-up of Prussians in the center. 5 columns screened by 2

battalions of fusiliers. The grenadiers have a prolong gun. Lancers

and horse artillery at the top. Foot gun at bottom.


Fuzzy pic of French Brigade: 3 Battalions of foot, screened by Lˇger

Btn. Horse and foot guns, and Hussar regiment at bottom


Middle game. Troops advancing on the cross roads, Austrian

grenadiers arrive on right. Jaegers occupy house. Chasseur a Cheval

regiment arrives at bottom left, to protect the hill.


Here is the whole Chasseur regiment -- 4 ½ squadrons of 8 figures.


Close up of the cross roads. The house with gables was made by Ted

Haskill, who did the drawings in the Second Edition. The other house

is card, both from 1970.


Dick brings on the British Rockets on the Allied left. First shot is

a dud. This is a picture of the battery after he threw snake eyes!


Late in the game, the French are taking the cross roads.


The Allies were having some success on the Austrian side, a regiment

of Cuirassiers cut through the French Chasseurs and broke through up

on the hill. French support coming -- Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard

and Mamelukes and a infantry battalion in square.


In the end, the French got the Crossroads. There British reserves

were closing in but darkness fell.



All in all a good game.  As always, we needed another hour for

completion. I loved the look of the game. This is the biggest 25mm

game I have ever done, or seen.  I forgot to get the CE count for victory

but call it a minor French victory with an orderly withdrawal for the allies.