Andrew M. Zimmer

Graduate Student
Department of Mathematics
University of Michigan

Office: 1836 East Hall
e-mail: aazimmer[at]umich[dot]edu

I am a graduate student in the mathematics department at the University of Michigan. My advisor is Ralf Spatzier and I enjoy thinking about dynamics, ergodic theory, Riemannian geometry, and discrete subgroups of Lie groups.

Next fall I will be an NSF Postdoc / L.E. Dickson Instructor at the University of Chicago.

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  • Teaching:

  • Fall 2013: Math 116: Calculus II, Section 004.
  • Fall 2012: Math 116: Calculus II, Section 003.
  • Winter 2011: Math 115: Calculus I, Section 019.
  • Fall 2010: Math 105: Precalculus, Section 004.

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